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Theft Activity (no download)

posted Jun 4, 2017, 3:09 PM by Tony Touchette   [ updated Jun 4, 2017, 3:09 PM by Loon Lake Association ]

From the Year Rounders


Hello All and welcome back to a wonderful Loon Lake Summer. It's great to see all the familiar faces and we look forward to spending summer time with you all. A few things have been going on and we felt it was incumbent upon us to "let the neighbors know". Not in a sense of panic or to crank up everyone's threat level. But to inform you so that you can take whatever precautions you might feel warranted. Over a number of years, our home has been the occasional  target of petty vandalism. Erased computer drives and cameras, screws in tire treads and roofing staples in sidewalls, stuff like that. Locked doors to no avail and etc.


However, this past fall and winter has been raised to a new level and again, as neighbors, we want you to know. As it could happen to you. We have had several actual property thefts. We have reported these thefts....we doubt anything will arise from the reports but we do what we can. Theft is a threat to the neighborhood itself, as you all have property. And it's likely property that has some value to you.


We don't have any advice for you as far as steps you wish to take, besides the basic steps we all use when we're in "the big city" .... lock your doors, report suspicious activity and all that happy stuff. Steps you thought you could stop worrying about once you get to the bucolic and folksy woods. Well...not so fast. Opioid addiction is huge in rural areas, poverty is quite high in this neck of the woods and not everyone is as nice as you are. And although there are something like four tiers of law enforcement up here, it still takes the police a long time to get to where you are. That's a fact. Measures you wish to take to safeguard your self and your property is, again, up to you and your own philosophy on these things.


And who knows? Maybe you have nothing to worry about at all. But we would feel really bad if something happened to you or your property and we "should've warned you".


Again, welcome back! We hope to visit with all of you over the summer and we hope you get some chill time here at wonderful Loon Lake!


Ernie Gurney

Pam Wegman