We have lots of opportunities and we need lots of help to keep our lake healthy and happy, and our association running effectively.

We have people volunteering to make sure our water is clean, that we don't have invasive plant species, that we have good relationships with the Maine Lakes Society ( previously known as COLA) and Rangeley Lake Heritage Trust (RLHT - manages the non-developed property at the western end of the lake) organizations, and much more. We can sure use some more help.

Plus we have volunteer board members who spend time managing the association. We sure could use some fresh faces helping us out. If you think the work the association does is valuable, please give us a helping hand.

Please let us know if you can lend a hand... we'll need new board members next year... and Claudia, John, Sidney, Pat, Brigitte, and Ainsley sure could use some help scouring the shoreline for invasive plants. I mean - really - how cool does that sound? You get in your kayak and float around checking the shoreline. It's fun and hugely helpful. Please give us a hand!

Can you help us out? Pretty please?

Contact any of the board members... we'll point you in the right direction.

You have no idea how much your help would be appreciated!

Check your shoreline!

All Eyes On Deck!

We all need to participate in keeping Loon Lake free of invasive plants! Please check your own shoreline by asking one of our "invasive plant volunteers" for help identifying invasive plants, or use this handy invasive plants quick key.

Claudia, John, Sidney, Pat, Brigitte, and Ainsley are our current volunteers.

Invasive Plants Quick Key